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COBS Bread Headon Forest in Burlington opens Nov. 19th by raising dough for Breakfast Club of Canada!

Read about COBS Bread Headon Forest's opening, and be sure to join Jeff and the team at the bakery from 10am-4pm, when all sales proceeds will be donated to Breakfast Club of Canada!

COBS Bread Raises $41,822 for Breakfast Club of Canada

COBS Bread is thrilled to announce that during the Higher Fibre for Higher Learning campaign from September 11-24, 2014 COBS Bread bakeries raised nearly $42,000 for Breakfast Club of Canada.

What's Happening?

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Giving Back
Geoff, owner of the Scott 72 bakery in North Delta, BC, stood to lose a lot of hair for his BC Children's Fundraiser a few weekends ago. But when Geoff was three days old, he had a live-saving heart operation which gave him so much more.
Behind the Bread with Jeff from Upper Oakville and Headon Forest
We are thrilled to introduce you (or re-introduce you!) to Jeff Moseley-Williams, current owner of COBS Upper Oakville and our newest bakery opening at Headon Forest in Burlington, Ontario.